1. Introduction

IAF (=Interaction Framework) is a framework for reactive and distributed systems. It provides high-level message passing services based on group communication. It is also very useful for integrating component-based systems.

The framework is based on the interaction-oriented programming paradigm. The fundamental idea is that the interaction of components shall be described independently. Similar to procedural abstraction the interaction (or the protocol) is abstracted. It becomes a separate matter.

Communication partners are described by their behaviour. The abstraction of it is a role. A role is basically an interface with a number of stubs. Note, that the stubs will be called in a certain order, which is determined by the interfcace.

In a running system agents (or components) will adopt such roles and will automatically communicate with other agents via the interaction.

IAF is provided for Python (a prototype also exists for Ruby). This means, familiarity with Python is necessary.

2. Further Documentation


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